1. Project: IT Consultation | Design | Branding | Logo | Website | Content Writing | Deployment
  2. Industry: Travel Agency
  3. Company: Sebastian Voyage
Project Overview

Sebastian Voyage is a Travel Agency located in New York City. This company reached out to Tinktanc for help in IT Consultation, Design, Branding, Logo, Website, UX, Accessibility, Content Writing and Deployment.


Sebastian Voyage had a conceptual understanding of their aspirations, Tinktanc expertly listened, iterated, and translated these ideas into tangible goals. Through collaborative efforts, the challenge transformed into an opportunity to shape Sebastian Voyage's vision into a captivating and functional reality.


The project encompassed IT consultation, design, branding, logo creation, website development, UX enhancement, accessibility integration, API Integration, content writing and deployment.

Brand Transformation

Tinktanc collaborated closely with Sebastian Voyage to understand its unique identity and values. The result was a modern and vibrant brand image that resonated with the spirit of exploration.

Logo Design

A fresh and memorable logo was crafted, capturing the essence of travel, adventure, and the sophisticated services offered by Sebastian Voyage.

Website Development

Leveraging the latest technologies, Tinktanc designed and developed a responsive, user- friendly website. The platform now adapts to various devices, ensuring an optimal user experience for both desktop and mobile users.

UX Enhancement

Tinktanc implemented cutting-edge UX design principles, enhancing the overall usability and navigation of the website. The user journey was streamlined to facilitate easy exploration of travel packages, creating an engaging digital experience.

Accessibility Integration

Recognizing the importance of inclusivity, Tinktanc incorporated accessibility features, ensuring that the website is accessible to users with diverse needs. This commitment to inclusivity further expanded Sebastian Voyage's reach

Content Writing

Our team of skilled content writers crafted compelling and SEO-friendly content that not only showcased the array of travel offerings but also told the unique story of Sebastian Voyage. This content aimed to capture the attention of potential travelers and inspire their wanderlust


The collaboration with Tinktanc brought about a transformative journey for Sebastian Voyage: A visually stunning and cohesive brand identity that resonated with the target audience. A responsive website that not only met modern design standards but also improved user engagement.

Enhanced accessibility features for a broader and more inclusive online presence. Optimized content that effectively communicated the brand's unique value proposition. Increased online visibility, leading to a surge in website traffic and potential leads.


Sebastian Voyage's partnership with Tinktanc showcased the power of integration between technology and travel. By combining innovative design, strategic IT consultation, and compelling content, Tinktanc successfully transformed Sebastian Voyage into a digitally progressive and visually captivating brand. The collaboration has positioned Sebastian Voyage as a leader in the travel industry, ready to inspire and cater to the diverse needs of its clientele