1. Project: Website | SEO Marketing
  2. Industry: Transportation
  3. Company: American Limo New Hampshire
Project Overview

American Limo New Hampshire is a limousine and car service business located in New Hampshire. This company reached out to Tinktanc for help in building a website that would help them create a strong brand presence and attract more customers.


American Limo New Hampshire Company’s primary challenge was the lack of an online presence. Without a website, the business was unable to reach potential customers who were searching for car and limo services online.


Tinktanc recommended building a website that would be optimized for search engines and designed to appeal to the car service business. To begin the process, Tinktanc created a custom website that featured a modern design, user-friendly navigation, and mobile responsiveness. The website was also optimized for search engines to ensure that it ranked high on search engine results pages when potential customers searched for car and limo services.

To help create a strong brand identity, Tinktanc designed a custom logo for Americanlimonh.com that was integrated into the website's design. They also created a brand style guide that included the color scheme, typography, and visual elements. To drive traffic to the website and increase brand awareness, Tinktanc created a search engine marketing campaign which was designed to reach limo and car service target audience.


After launching the website and SEO campaign, the website's design and branding helped create a strong brand identity for Americanlimonh.com, which helped differentiate and reach target audience and attract new customers.


Tinktanc was able to help create a strong brand identity and online presence through the creation of a logo, custom website and SEO marketing campaign.